This page functions as a regularly updated journal. The following images have been captured from 360° photo-spheres posted by users on Google Maps.

(2018 - ongoing)


Big Bend National Park, Texas, United States

28°58'46.3"N 103°08'52.6"W
Observer: Wes Barron
Capture Time: 12.13.2018 2:56:04 PM

Marfa, Texas, United States

30°18'02.2"N 104°01'26.7"W
Observer: Ed Huecker
Capture Time: 12.13.2018 2:49:58PM



Marie Tenisheva School, Chernyakhovsk, Russia

54°38'01.8"N 21°48'49.3"E
Observer: Unknown
Capture Time: 05.14.2019 7:12:17 PM

The Great Northern Hotel, Donegal, Ireland

54°29'07.0"N 8°16'56.6"W
Observer: Enoch Gilbert
Capture Time: 05.14.2019 7:05:01 PM



Florida Keys, United States

24°31'39.0"N 81°48'51.0"W
Observer: G Hine
Capture Time: 6.22.2019 12:10:26 PM

Gjipe Beach, Albania

40°07'37.0"N 19°40'13.6"E
Observer: Unknown
Capture Time: 7.22.2019 9:15:00 PM



Kuressaare lahe hoiuala, Estonia

58°13'44.0"N 22°29'22.8"E
Observer: Unknown
Capture Time: 05.14.2019 7:18:28 PM

Kamienne Góra, Poland

54°30'36.1"N 18°32'51.6"E
Observer: Rzeź Nick
Capture Time: 05.14.2019 7:16:11 PM



Pantai Sirui, Indonesia

1°48'24.7"S 120°31'38.5"E
Observer: Miroslav Novosvetsky
Capture Time: 05.01.2019 7:56:20 PM

Rue de la Confédération, Geneva, Switzerland

46°12'13.6"N 6°08'40.7"E
Observer: Allen J Baden
Capture Time: 03.27.2019 9:19:39 AM



Big Bend National Park, Texas, United States

29°13'06.8"N 103°14'00.5"W
Observer: Nathan Carroll
Capture Time: 12.13.2018 2:54:17 PM

Recreational Iberia Andreevka, Russia

42°37'49.3"N 131°08'16.2"E
Observer: Олег Небылица
Capture Time: 08.05.2018 9:51:32 PM



Sunset Cliffs Park, San Diego, California

32°43'58.6"N 117°15'24.3"W
Observer: Larry Hayes
Capture Time: 02.06.2019 3:03:52 PM

International Friendship Park, Tijuana, Mexico

32°32'03.6"N 117°07'25.8"W
Observer: Ilde Bejarano
Capture Time: 02.06.2019 2:53:30 PM



Bryggen Shopping Mall, Veijle, Denmark

55°42'19.4"N 9°31'52.8"E
Observer: Unknown
Capture Time: 02.06.2019 4:27:23 PM

Instituto Tecnológico de Chihuahua II, Chihuahua, Mexico

28°42'31.8"N 106°06'10.9"W
Observer: Angel Alcudia
Capture Time: 02.06.2019 2:42:10 PM



Lake Como, Italy

46°05'29.8"N 9°17'14.0"E
Observer: Ilya Mefisto
Capture Time: 01.05.2019 12:25:06 AM

Brighton Beach, United Kingdom

50°49'08.6"N 0°08'14.5"W
Observer: Tom Morbey
Capture Time: 04.23.2019 8:39:00 PM



Porlezza, Italy

46°01'48.2"N 9°07'29.3"E
Observer: Maik Uhlig
Capture Time: 01.05.2019 12:21:50 AM

San Rafael, Antioquia, Colombia

6°21'29.5"N 74°59'07.7"W
Observer: Federico Bedoya
Capture Time: 07.01.2018 2:34:06 PM



Via P. Giovanni XXIII°, Millepini, Italy

45°28'27.8"N 9°19'53.3"E
Observer: Unnamed
Capture Time: 01.05.2019 12:11:53 AM

Milan, Italy

45°25'37.1"N 9°15'39.0"E
Observer: Marco Pagliotta
Capture Time: 01.05.2019 12:08:16 AM



Dibang Valley, Arunachal Pradesh

28°49'56.4"N 95°57'28.0"E
Observer: Sebastian Kamenz
Capture Time: 12.15.2018 10:27:48 PM

Hacienda Choconchaca, Peru

15°14'14.2"S 70°23'54.1"W
Observer: Jesus Ilasaca
Capture Time: 12.15.2018 10:03:57 PM



Ho Man Tin, Hong Kong

22°19'16.2"N 114°11'01.8"E
Observer: Henrik Ngan
Capture Time: 08.02.2018 7:39:20 PM

Villa Vicenta, Matanzas, Cuba

23°02'04.0"N 81°32'10.8"W
Observer: Pierre-Olivier Dybman
Capture Time: 07.30.2018 9:42:30 PM



Fort Mackinac, Mackinac Island, Michigan

45°51'07.2"N 84°37'03.0"W
Observer: Brandon Howard
Capture Time: 05.10.2018 8:37:59 PM

The Mall, London, United Kingdom

51°30'22.5"N 0°07'49.5"W
Observer: David Newstead
Capture Time: 04.16.2018 9:52:18 PM



Kamchatcka Krai, Russia

54°56'31.8"N 159°59'58.7"E
Observer: Ivan Saveliev
Capture Time: 04.29.2018 9:12:23 PM

V. Dique Ameghino, Chubut, Argentina

43°26'43.6"S 65°56'33.3"W
Observer: Marcos Ramirez
Capture Time: 05.12.2018 9:57:31 PM



Lagunas de Epulafquen, Neuquen, Argentina

36°50'45.7"S 71°01'44.3"W
Observer: Fernando Van Cauteren
Capture Time: 07.11.2018 9:52:57 PM

Torre de Trafalgar, Spain

36°10'59.6"N 6°02'07.2"W
Observer: Unnamed
Capture Time: 03.25.2018 12:18:16 PM



Yosemite National Park, California, United States

37°46'12.8"N 119°29'16.2"W
Observer: Cory Stout
Capture Time: 05.12.2018 11:03:05 PM

Bar Do Peixe, São Paulo, Brazil

23°43'16.7"S 46°44'58.1"W
Observer: Leonardo Reis
Capture Time: 05.13.2018 3:35:51 PM



Prince Rupert, British Columbia, Canada

54°11'50.5"N 130°18'27.2"W
Observer: Lyle Angus
Capture Time: 08.15.2018 10:12:51 PM

Theodore Roosevelt National Park, North Dakota, United States

46°58'00.0"N 103°27'00.0"W
Observer: Will Fleming
Capture Time: 07.26.2018 9:42:09 PM



Ash Shihr, Yemen

14°45'18.2"N 49°35'55.0"E
Observer: محمد بن عقيل النهدي
Capture Time: 07.29.2018 7:06:45 PM

San Andrés, Colombia

12°32'18.6"N 81°44'16.1"W
Observer: Unnamed
Capture Time: 08.21.2018 8:56:51 PM



Carrera 29, Medellín, Colombia

6°14'32.3"N 75°33'03.8"W
Observer: El Colombiano
Capture Time: 07.01.2018 2:16:57 PM

Santa Fe Province, Argentina

33°47'21.8"S 62°17'00.2"W
Observer: Otto Crippa
Capture Time: 08.14.2018 10:15:36 PM



Lohnerhütte, Switzerland

46°28'28.6"N 7°36'00.0"E
Observer: Peter Frick - Bergührer
Capture time: 07.29.2018 7:12:15 PM

Njombe, Tanzania

9°19'21.2"S 34°45'32.8"E
Observer: Ikram Poppe
Capture time: 07.29.2018 6:51:11 PM



Ghost Lakes, Canada

51°16'09.6"N 115°13'12.0"W
Observer: Patrick H
Capture Time: 07.31.2018 9:44:14 PM

San Fernando, Chile

34°33'20.4"S 70°50'09.4"W
Observer: Unnamed
Capture Time: 07.11.2018 9:56:54 PM



Hetch Hetchy Reservoir, California, United States

37°57'02.2"N 119°47'22.8"W
Observer: Andrew Kozhokaru
Capture Time: 05.12.2018 11:00:09 PM

San Luis Río Colorado, Sonora, Mexico

31°40'27.8"N 114°28'13.9"W
Observer: Tyler Whetten
Capture Time: 08.15.2018 9:54:06 PM



Fjord Bay, Taba, Egypt

28°31'13.7"N 33°57'53.5"E
Observer: M Rashed
Capture Time: 06.20.2018 9:56:45 PM

Lac La Longe, Saskatchewan, Canada

55°06'49.6"N 104°50'37.0"W
Observer: Jason
Capture Time: 08.15.2018 10:40:29 PM



Deception Pan, Botswana

21°30'22.3"S 23°49'51.5"E
Observer: Ben Havell 
Capture Time: 07.01.2018 4:37:05 PM

Opuwo, Namibia

18°03'28.9"S 13°50'10.0"E
Observer: Luis E. Hernández Lorenzana
Capture Time: 04.21.2018 9:58:49 PM



Laguna de Canaima, Bolívar, Venezuela

6°14'53.8"N 62°51'15.3"W
Observer: Dzmitry Karotchik
Capture: 06.19.2018 6:48:58 PM

Birdsville Hotel, Queensland, Australia

25°53'57.3"S 139°21'05.7"E
Observer: Unnamed
Capture Time: 04.29.2018 4:19:29 PM



Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe

18°54'38.1"S 27°07'10.2"E
Observer: Gregory Carter
Capture Time: 07.01.2018 4:32:54 PM

Hadar Mall, Jerusalem, Israel

31°45'11.7"N 35°12'49.9"E
Observer: Stas Krupetsky
Capture Time: 05.19.2018 6:35:46 PM



Cederberg Mountain Catchment Area, West Coast DC, South Africa

32°24'12.4"S 19°05'51.5"E
Observer: Callan Emery
Capture Time: 07.01.2018 4:49:28 PM

Sai Wan Pavilion, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

22°23'40.8"N 114°21'31.5"E
Observer: N John
Capture Time: 08.02.2018 7:50:19 PM



Sai Wan Pavilion, Sai Kung, Hong Kong

22°23'40.8"N 114°21'31.5"E
Observer: N John
Capture Time: 08.02.2018 7:43:31 PM

Higashihennazaki Park, Japan

24°43'19.4"N 125°28'01.8"E
Observer: Unnamed
Capture Time: 08.02.2018 8:07:21 PM



VEKA of Brazil, São José, Brazil

27°31'43.1"S 48°38'03.3"W
Observer: Unnamed
Capture Time: 07.01.2018 5:24:18 PM

Campeche Island, Santa Catarina, Brazil

27°41'45.2"S 48°27'58.7"W
Observer: Nicolas Moraga Saez
Capture Time: 07.01.2018 5:06:18 PM